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We are an award winning British manufacturer of quality polythene packaging. Our polythene, polypropylene and degradable bags, rolls and packaging, are to the highest standard. We supply bespoke plastic bags, biodegradable plastic products and a full range of poly packaging and wrapping.

Quality Product

You can rely on a quality product, competitive pricing and an excellent rapid service. We supply and support UK business with packaging and are proud to export not import. Call us on the number above for a no obligation quote.

Manufactured from Source

We manufacture from source and handle your order through to delivery, with a fully supportive service. You place an order, we manufacture - extrude, convert, print and seal your polythene packaging ? and deliver it to your door. We despatch on schedule, on time, on budget. With over 25 years of experience and expertise, we respond quickly to last minute orders. No more waiting for containers, deliveries and packaging as you face tight production and distribution deadlines.

Stock and Store Service

Working with our customers to maximise production and minimise the costs of warehousing and overheads. Cut waste, freight, fuel, transport, delivery and storage charges. Support sustainable resources, buy locally, support UK manufacturing.

Brand Your Packaging

Brand your bag. We can print on your polythene, a competitive and cost effective way to promote and market your name and product. Your brand is on the bag, in the hands of the customer, who’s probably taking you home.

Our product range is vast. Do you require a bag that is polythene, polypropylene, linear blend, side weld, skirt weld, microperforated, box liner bag, food bag, carrier bag, refuse bag, mail order bag, mini grip, grip seal, low density, printed, anti-static, shrink, stretch, pallet cover, mattress cover, duvet bag, greeting cards, bag for herbs and spices, biodegradable, recycled, coloured, natural, tinted, printed, high slip finish, low slip finish, with hook handles, flush top, adhesive tape, punched out handle, patch handle, clip close, turn over top, grip seal, self seal, resealable, tamper proof, printed with safety warning only or a smart bag, multifunctional, a bag with uv inhibitor. Do you require single wound and centre fold sheeting, polythene film, sheets, wrap, tubing or cover. Or are you after an unrivalled bespoke service?